A Conversation With My Boss

I’ve been trying to contact you since so long.

I am with you.
This scattered scared mind that you are experiencing – that is also me. There is literally no difference between me and you.
Do not seek me. Experience your self. That is where I am.

To The River And The Mountains

We are immersed deep into the quiet now — the quiet of the gurgling river and the humming crickets of the night, the moonlight dancing peacefully as silver varak on the water as it navigates the rocks and pebbles, the mountains rising high in the backdrop, black in the night, but not pitch black.


“What was he doing, the great god Pan, down in the reeds by the river?…” Sometimes some poem stays in us for years, to decompose slowly. So it was with…

one word poem

एक शब्द की कविता तुम. एक शब्द में पृथ्वी सारी तुम एक शब्द में सृष्टि सारी तुम क्या रिश्ता होगा जब तुम ही हो यह वाणी तेरी – तुम a…