Lone Horse In The Field


I am a lone horse in the field.
I gallop in the wild open meadow
of my mind,
where ever I please.
Lone horse in the field.

Wedded no one, and yet I did.
I birthed nobody, yet I did.
His power burns in my belly
I gallop in his arms, free.
Lone horse in the field.

His song sings in my mane
His wine burns up my lips –
Not just lips, I am aflame
Lone horse in the field.

Blazing comet, shooting star
Powered by his fantasy
Gushing down as a river
Dancing amok, this is me.

Wind, stars and the sky
and the grass, and the trees
Wherever my eyes rest
He is there – only he
I am there – his ecstasy

~ vani murarka

Image credit: Kimballstock.com

i wait for you

i wait for you

This is what I do – I wait for you.
It is the space of my life
Where the air comes and goes
In the middle of which some
stuff happens
Work to fill the day
time with family
some entertainment, surfing the net…

In spaces in between these
I wait for you
In the room I wait for you
In the car I wait for you
As I bathe I wait for you

Sometimes it turns to despair
Sometimes it is barely there
Just the faintest wash of blue
But then its my very breath
My wait for you
In and out of corridors
Of the body and the mind
And the soul

I wait for you

पंचभूत से नहीं बनी, इंतज़ार से बनी हूँ मैं
यह जिस्म और यह जनम