That’s All “It” Asks


how will you
garland the wind,
touch the feet of sunshine?
is there any need to?

turn your face
to the wind
the sunshine and the moonlight
immerse in the dark night
listen to its gurgling flow
wet your fingers
in the water…

i hug god with my heart

that’s all “It” asks
if anything

which will you choose?
the wise or the joyous
the smart or the joyous
the right or the joyous

success or joy
say, fear or joy
which do you choose?

who is your god?

~ vani murarka

Desire Stabs Suddenly

Phoenix 2 - by vani murarka

Desire stabs suddenly –
everything halts.
I become a box
waiting for you
unable to function anymore.

How was my day today?
Desire stabbed suddenly.

You’ve become the center
of my mind.
Of my heart, I do not know.
I am but a silent call
through the ages
In the stars I am the light –
the silent call
In the earth I am the womb
of the call

Where are you love?
The song of my being…

It is an honor to be the call
calling you
It is an honor when
desire stabs suddenly

~ vani murarka

Image: “Phoenix 2” by vani murarka

After Lunch


after lunch
a time to feel blessed
for a morning well-spent
for the well-earned rest
the dollop of food
let the tummy digest

after lunch
a time to muse
to be somewhat loose
let the eyes droop
maybe even a snooze

after lunch
a time to feel blessed
a time to smile
a bit in the lips
more in the chest
a time to rest


~ vani murarka

Image credit: The Timeliners: 6 Indian Products That The Hipster Western World Discovered