Desire Stabs Suddenly

Phoenix 2 - by vani murarka

Desire stabs suddenly –
everything halts.
I become a box
waiting for you
unable to function anymore.

How was my day today?
Desire stabbed suddenly.

You’ve become the center
of my mind.
Of my heart, I do not know.
I am but a silent call
through the ages
In the stars I am the light –
the silent call
In the earth I am the womb
of the call

Where are you love?
The song of my being…

It is an honor to be the call
calling you
It is an honor when
desire stabs suddenly

~ vani murarka

Image: “Phoenix 2” by vani murarka

My Niece Unlimited


A conversation transpired with my niece recently. She was pulling at my swimming goggles.

“Don’t. It will break.”, I said.

“It’s elastic.”, she replied.

“It is rubber.”

“But it stretches.”

“Sure. But everything has a limit.”

“What is my limit?”, she asked.

“You would have to find that out.”
Then I added, “Actually you are infinite.”

“What do you mean by infinite?”


“How is something unlimited?”

“When it has no beginning or end.”

“So I will not have an end?”

“No. You are unlimited.”

“So I will not go to heaven?”

“Why not? Of course you will go to heaven. But you do not have to end to go to heaven. To go somewhere you just have to go there. To go to Bhopal you just go to Bhopal. You don’t have to end to go to Bhopal.”

“I didn’t know I am unlimited.”

“Now you know.”

“Then you too are unlimited.”

“Yes. Indeed I am.”


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